West Metro

The Metro network will be expanded westward when the new metro line from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä is completed. The West Metro stations are Matinkylä, Niittykumpu, Urheilupuisto, Tapiola, Aalto University, Keilaniemi, Koivusaari and Lauttasaari. The new metro line will be 13.9 kilometers long and it runs underground all the way.

Länsimetron kartta

The West Metro will provide two new lines: every other Metro train will run between Matinkylä and Vuosaari and every other between Tapiola and Mellunmäki. The West Metro will provide a strong trunk connection from South Espoo via Lauttasaari to the center of Helsinki and East Helsinki. At the same time, bus services in South Espoo and Lauttasaari will be mostly converted into feeder services.

The construction of the West Metro begun in November 2009 and it is scheduled for completion in late 2015. The Government and the cities of Espoo and Helsinki are responsible for the construction costs.

The construction is at the responsibility of Länsimetro Oy owned by the cities of Espoo and Helsinki.