Route network plan for Tuusula and Kerava

HSL is developing a route network plan for Tuusula and Kerava for 2019-2029. The aim is to create a cost-effective public transport network that would meet residents’ travel needs as well as possible. The plan will be completed by the end of 2017.

Progress of the plan

The progress of the work can be followed via  the blog opened for the plan where the public can also comment on the plan and discuss it with HSL’s public transport planners. The blog is in Finnish.  HSL is developing the plan in cooperation with experts from Tuusula and Kerava. Work has been started by gathering initial information.

Why are we developing the plan now?

Tuusula has decided to become a member of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority from the beginning of 2018. Consequently, it is necessary to create a public transport network for the area in line with HSL’s planning guidelines. All of the current operating contracts in Tuusula will expire during 2019. In order for the services planned by HSL to start operating in Tuusula in 2019, decisions on the route network plan and tendering of services must be made at the beginning of 2018.

In Kerava, the public transport network has remained mostly unchanged for the past years. However, during this time there have been changes to the main line train services and land use in Kerava and the route network needs to be adapted to the changes. In addition, Tuusula becoming a member of HSL affects public transport supply in Kerava. There have also been changes to Vantaa public transport network following the opening of the Ring Rail Line and these changes are reflected on regional bus routes serving Kerava. Information obtained from the route network plan developed for Kerava in 2015 will be utilized in this project.

General information about Tuusula becoming a member of HSL in 2018 is available at