Read here why you too should enter into a long-term relationship.


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Money and comfort are the key to long-term relationships.

When you buy a Travel Card season ticket for a longer period of time, the price per day is significantly lower. In addition to being cheaper, long-term relationships are easier to maintain: you don’t need to remember to top up your card every few weeks or months. 

If you have so far used single tickets, remember that if you make three or more return journeys a week, buying a season ticket is more economical.















You save money.

The longer the period of the season ticket, the more you save.

Make your life easier.

Buy a ticket for several months at a time and you have one thing less to worry about.

Forget about loose tickets.

Season ticket is a more economical option if you make three or more return journeys a week.

See how much you can save. 

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"The longer
the relationship,
the more you save