Welcome aboard, Siuntio!

NB! This page is no longer updated.

1 January 2018 will be the start of a new era for public transport in Siuntio when the municipality becomes a member of Helsinki Regional Transport Authority.

This means that HSL’s tickets will be valid also in Siuntio in addition to Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen, Kerava, Sipoo, Kirkkonummi and Tuusula. Siuntio will be become part of the current Kirkkonummi fare zone. This means you will be able to travel in Siuntio and Kirkkonummi with HSL’s internal or one-zone ticket. Two-zone extended regional tickets allow you to travel in all other HSL municipalities except for Helsinki and three-zone extended regional tickets allow you to travel in the whole HSL area.

In addition, information about public transport services, timetables and potential changes to the services in Siuntio will be available at HSL’s website and in the Journey Planner. HSL will also be responsible for passenger information at bus stops and the railway station in Siuntio.

From 10 December 2017, two new on peak train services start running.

New Y trains Mon-Fri:

New Y train from Siuntio at 7.49am, the train leaves from Kirkkonummi to Helsinki at 8.06am and replaces the current X train, arrival time at Helsinki 8.41am

New Y train from Helsinki to Siuntio at 4.22pm, arrival time at Siuntio 5.08pm.

X train from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi at 3.53pm will continue to run.

Trains traveling against peak hour traffic are operated as U trains (Mon-Fri):

U train from Helsinki at 6.47am will start to leave at 6.46am and the train will continue to Siuntio.

U train from Siuntio at 5.27pm, the train leaves from Kirkkinummi to Helsinki at 5.36pm

Timetables of Y, U and L trains

Being part of the HSL area means more than just a different ticket. It also means that you are able to travel anywhere in the HSL area with one ticket: From Siuntio to Söderkulla and from Suomenlinna to Soukka.

HSL's tickets are accepted on the following Siuntio bus routes:

"Avainlinjat", routes 181, 182 and night bus 191.

There are no major changes to bus routes at the beginning of 2018. For example, buses in the direction of Lohja operate as before and there are no changes to tickets. 

NB! From 1 January 2018, bus 190 is no longer a U line bus. This means that HSL's tickets are no longer accepted on route 190.