HSL's strategy

HSL Strategy

HSL Strategy

Vision 2025

Public transport is the number one choice for travel. Helsinki region is a bellwether for intelligent, sustainable and safe mobility.

Intelligent: We provide our customers with services that enhance the travel experience and are based on intelligent technology.

Number one choice: An increasing number of people use public transport for commuting and leisure journeys. In the target state, over 50 per cent of the increase in traffic due to population growth in the Helsinki region is managed by public transport.

Safe and sustainable: Increasing use of public transport improves traffic safety, reduces the amount of space for traffic and road erosion. Public transport is based on sustainable energy sources and low-emission vehicles.

Bellwether: We want to strengthen the position of the Helsinki region as one of the best public transport organizers and developers in Europe. We develop public transport together with our customers and both domestic and international partners.  

A pleasant and compact urban structure and transport system require joint regional planning and political decision-making.  

The large transport system development infrastructure projects will be completed during the strategy period. They provide significant positive opportunities for developing public transport and increasing public transport ridership.

Thanks to a compact urban structure and advanced technology, the operating costs of transport remain reasonable and ticket prices low. As motoring is less attractive in a compact city, the competitiveness of public transport is good. Despite the compact structure, new apartment and detached house developments are pleasant.

In a compact urban structure, travel chains are effective and transfer between different modes of transport is easy: walking, cycling, public transport, demand-responsive transport and Park & Ride provide efficient transport options for residents.


Sujuvat matkat
Smooth journeys: The customers’ travel chain is based on the public transport trunk network and efficient feeder services.

Selkeää palvelua
Clear services: We provide our customers with up-to-date information before and during their journeys as well as clear, easy-to-use and reasonably priced tickets.

Tiivis ja vetovoimainen seutu
Compact and attractive region: A transport system based on rail services creates a more compact urban structure and makes the region more attractive.

Joukkoliikenne kasvuun
Increasing the use of public transport: We direct the increase in traffic to public transport, walking and cycling.  

Vähemmän päästöjä
Fewer emissions: We increase the share of low-emission public transport.

Tehokasta taloutta
Effective finances: We make public transport more cost-effective and strengthen the funding base of the entire transport system. 

HSL's Mission and Values

Helsinki Region Transport develops and provides smooth, reliable transport solutions to customers' needs. HSL's values are cooperation, environmental responsibility, customer focus and continuous development.

Cooperation: We trust other people and we ourselves are worthy of trust. We are in an open and continuous dialogue with each other and our various stakeholders. 

Customer focus: We listen to our customers and respond to their needs with high-quality, cost-effective and reliable service.

Continuous development: We look to the future and continuously develop our professional skills to ensure the best service and expertise.

Environmental responsibility: We take the environment into account in all our activities and openly share information about the impacts of our activities.

HR Vision 2018

We are inspired and committed to cooperation and development. Our approach to work is customer and solution-focused.

Goal 1: We develop our skills in a purposeful manner through diverse training to improve our operations and results.

Goal 2: We develop the professional capacity of the supervisory staff and the employees' skills for the workplace.

Goal 3: We work in fruitful cooperation with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. 

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