How to redeem your free ticket for a week

To redeem the ticket code you must have the HSL app on your smartphone. You also need an HSL account to log in to the HSL app.

When redeeming you ticket code, please note the following:

  • The ticket is valid from the moment when you redeem the ticket code.
  • The expiry date ot he ticket code is 17 April, after which the code can no longer be used to redeem a ticket.
  • The ticket will be lost if you delete the HSL app or log out from the app during the validity of the ticket. 
  • HSL will not compensate for expired campaign tickets or campaign tickets lost after redemption.

If you have the HSL app on your phone

Enter the code you received by email in the “Ticket with a code” field in the HSL app.

Instructions for redeeming a ticket code

If you do not yet have HSL app on your phone

1 Download the free HSL app on your smartphone from your app store.

2 Once you have downloaded the HSL app, log in using your HSL account and redeem your ticket.

If you do not yet have an HSL account

To create an HSL account, you must have the HSL app on your phone as well as a valid email address and phone number.


How to create an HSL account