Commuter vouchers

What are commuter vouchers?

Employers can purchase from HSL commuter vouchers worth EUR10, which it then distributes to its personnel.

Employees can use the vouchers for loading season tickets or value on their personal Travel Cards. 

All customer groups can use commuter vouchers, including persons entitled to reduced fares.

Employers can order as many vouchers as they need and unused vouchers can be returned to HSL.

Ordering of commuter vouchers

The following sales points accept commuter vouchers

  • HSL’s service points and Citizens' Offices in Espoo and Vantaa
  • R-kiosks
  • Stockmann department stores
  • Citymarket stores
  • Prisma stores (not Kirkkonummi)
  • Peijas Hospital Cafeteria
  • K-Markets Katajanokka, Pasaati (Pasila), Masala, Jätkäsaari and Herkkulautta (Lauttasaari)
  • K-Supermarkets Kilo, Torpparinmäki, Musta-Pekka (Käpylä)
  • VR’s booking offices in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The vouchers cannot be used for paying VR’s tickets.
  • Suomenlinna kiosk
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