Discount tickets

Discounts and new zones from 27 April 2019

There are some changes to discounted travel with the introduction of the new fare zones. The discount is 50 per cent, with the exception of students, who get a 45 per cent discount on season tickets.

In the new fare system, the age limit for receiving student discount and requirement of a student allowance is removed. Students get a 45 per cent discount on season tickets. The discount no longer applies to value tickets.

A new discount was introduced for residents of HSL municipalities aged 70 years and over. They can buy value and zone extension tickets with personal HSL cards at a 50 per cent discount. The discount applies to journeys beginning between 9am and 2pm. To get the discount, customers need to visit a service point to update their HSL card customer group.

The age limit for child tickets is extended to 17 years.

The pensioner discount eligibility criteria does not change, i.e. pensioners receiving guarantee pension or national pension from Kela and those on a fixed-term disability pension, i.e. recipients of a cash rehabilitation benefit are entitled to the discount. The discount is  50 per cent on adult rates. Customers do not need to update their HSL cards.

The criteria for disabled discount does not change but the discount increases to 50 per cent.  Customers do not need to update their HSL cards.

Also blind people living outside the HSL municipalities can get the blind person’s free transport pass. Likewise, veterans are entitled to a free transport pass regardless of their home municipality. The free pass entitles you to travel across the HSL area. To get the free transport pass, you need an HSL card.

Discount tickets are available to residents of HSL municipalities, i.e. Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Siuntio, Kerava, Sipoo or Tuusula.

The discount entitlement is stored on your personal HSL card at a service point. You can top up your HSL card with season tickets and value (money) to pay for individual fares. You can only buy discount value tickets for yourself. Students do not get discount on value tickets.

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