The child fare, which is half the adult fare, is available for children aged 7 - 17 years. 

To be able to get a child-fare HSL card, the child must live in the HSL area: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Siuntio, Kerava, Sipoo or Tuusula. 

People aged 18 years and over need an adult-rate ticket. The HSL card customer group must be updated at a service point when a child turns 18. 

Children aged under 7 years travel for free.

You need the following document to get a child HSL card

If you visit the service point yourself to get the card, you only need a minor’s ID card or a Kela card without a photograph. If a guardian or close relative gets the card, the guardian or relative must present their ID document.

Age limits on U line services

On U line buses, child single tickets are available for children aged 4 to 11 years, i.e. over 12s need an adult-rate single ticket. When you travel using the HSL card, HSL’s age limits apply.

Read more about U line services

Pupil tickets

Pupil tickets loaded on HSL cards are for journeys to/from school. The cards are issued by the pupil’s home municipality if the school journey exceeds a set distance. The criteria varies from one municipality to another. For more information, contact your school secretary.

The cards are loaded with season tickets valid 4.30am-6pm on regular schooldays. In addition, the cards have value for schooldays falling on Saturdays.

Families can top up a pupil HSL card with value so that the card can be used also in the evening, on weekends and over holidays.

School groups on public transport

Since the beginning of 2019, school groups from HSL member municipalities have been able to travel on public transport free of charge. In other words, the municipal education administration does not have to pay for journeys a teacher makes with pupils. The teacher must have a Teacher’s Pass, which allows free journeys Monday to Friday 9am-3pm during the school year.

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