Employer-subsidized commuter ticket

HSL’s invoiced employer-subsidized commuter ticket valid until further notice are available only until 2014.

The ticketing and information system redesign underway will bring changes to the payment of tickets. HSL’s e-invoice/direct debit service will end 31 December 2014. No new invoice agreements are set up after 2 June 2014. The existing agreements are still valid but will be terminated during 2014.

HSL informs the customers about the changes personally.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at tyosuhdeliput@hsl.fi.

What is an employer-subsidized commuter ticket?

Employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a season ticket loaded on an employee’s personal Travel Card and paid by the employer in full or in part.

Alternatively, the employee can load value for paying single fares.

Employer-subsidized commuter tickets are valid on public transport in the HSL area on internal or regional journeys.

The HSL area municipalities include Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo.

Invoicing of employer-subsidized commuter tickets

An employer can conclude with HSL an invoicing agreement on employer-subsidized commuter tickets. The agreement is valid until further notice.

The employer pays the tickets on a monthly basis by direct debit or invoice. 

Every 12th month after 12 continuous invoicing months is free of charge.  The free month is card-specific.

HSL delivers the ordered Travel Cards to the customer by mail, or employees visit an HSL service point to load their Travel Cards.

Termination of an invoicing agreement

The period of notice to terminate a direct debit or invoice agreement is 30 days. When an employer-subsidized commuter ticket is cancelled, the full month (invoicing period) is charged to the employer. In order for the employee to be able to use the Travel Card after the termination of the agreement, they must update the Travel Card at an HSL service point at the latest at the end of the invoicing period. If the employer-subsidized commuter ticket is not removed from the card, the card is cancelled at the termination of the paid period.

Changing the area of validity of a ticket

If the employee’s commuter journey changes, the area of validity of the employer-subsidized commuter ticket can be changed at an HSL service point. For example, a ticket valid in Espoo can be changed into a regional ticket.

The employee must have with them their Travel Card and a proxy from the employer.

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