Annual tickets now for the price of 10 months

An annual ticket is the most economical season ticket. You can either buy a 360-day season ticket on your HSL card or you can buy an auto-renewing saver subscription through the HSL app. The price is the same whether you buy the ticket on your HSL card or using the HSL app.

Two ways of buying an annual ticket

With the HSL card: 360-day season ticket

You can buy a 360-day season ticket on your HSL card online, from HSL ticket machines or from sales and service points. The ticket is loaded onto your HSL card and you pay the ticket price in one go at the time of purchase.

AB ticket €627.30/360 days (€1.74/day)
ABC ticket €997.30/360 days (€2.77/day)

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Using the HSL app: Auto-renewing saver subscription

An auto-renewing saver subscription is a worry-free option, as the ticket is automatically valid in the HSL app without requiring any separate top ups. The ticket is purchased using the HSL app and it will be charged to your debit/credit card automatically every 30 days.

AB ticket €52.30/30 days (€1.74/day)
ABC ticket €83.10/30 days (€2.77/day)

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Annual ticket for discount groups from less than €1/day

The annual ticket is particularly affordable for those who can buy season tickets on the HSL card at a discounted rate. Children, pensioners, people with reduced mobility and those aged 70 or over can get an annual AB ticket for less than EUR1 per day.

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