Suomenlinna ticket

Suomenlinna tickets withdrawn from 1 January 2020

Suomenlinna tickets will be withdrawn from 1 January 2020. As Suomenlinna is in zone A, you can travel there with all HSL tickets including zone A, i.e. with AB, ABC and ABCD tickets. Single tickets, day tickets and season tickets are accepted on the Suomenlinna ferry.

You can buy tickets

  • using the HSL app
  • from ticket machines
  • from various sales points such as R-kiosks and many grocery stores
  • from service points
  • At the card reader on the ferry pier with your HSL card
  • from parking ticket machines in Helsinki
  • from bus drivers

Find the closest sales point at

An AB day ticket is a good option for journeys to Suomenlinna. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. You can make the return journey on the same ticket and also use it on all HSL public transport (the metro, buses trams and commuter trains). 

Paper single tickets and day tickets purchased from single ticket machines and bus drivers are valid from the moment of purchase. In other words, these tickets cannot be purchased in advance.

Sales points and large ticket machines sell single tickets and day tickets loaded on disposable cardboard cards. The tickets are valid from the time you show the card to a card reader at the beginning of your first journey. You do not need to press any buttons, just show the card to the reader. The card reader emits an audible and the display shows the ticket information. You can check the expiry time of ticket at any time by holding your card on the reading area.

Full-range ticket machines at the Market Square and in Suomenlinna sell single tickets, which are valid immediately, and day tickets, which are valid from the beginning of the first journey.

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