Value tickets with the HSL card

You can buy value tickets with your HSL card using the onboard card readers. On the metro, you must pay your fare before entering the platform area after passing the card readers at the top of the escalators to the platforms. On commuter trains, card readers are located by the doors. When buying a ticket using a card reader, selet the ticket according to the zones you travel through.

You can load value on your HSL card from 5 to 400 euros. You can top up your card at some HSL ticket machines, at service points and various sales points, including R-kiosks in the HSL area, several K-Market, Prisma and Alepa stores, as well as Stockmann department stores.

Validity of value tickets

AB, BC and D tickets are valid for 80 minutes, ABC and CD tickets for 90 minutes, BCD tickets for 100 minutes and ABCD tickets for 110 minutes.

The tickets allow you to transfer between modes of transport within their validity. You can board a vehicle during the validity of the ticket and you can complete your journey even if the ticket expires during the journey.