Zone extension tickets

If you have a valid season ticket, you can expand its validity area by buying zone extension tickets


  • AB season ticket + journey to Helsinki Airport -> extension ticket for zone C 2.50 euros
  • BC season ticket + journey to Helsinki city center -> extension ticket for zone A 2.50 euros
  • CD season ticket + journey to Helsinki city center -> extension ticket for zones A and B 2.80 euros
  • ABC season ticket + journey to Kirkkonummi -> extension ticket for zone D 2.50 euros

You can pay for the ticket either using your HSL card or the HSL app, depending on how you have purchased your season ticket. The season ticket and zone extension ticket together must cover all the zones you are traveling through.

Prices of zone extension tickets

  A, B, C AB, BC, D CD ABC A+D
Adults 2.50 2.80 4.20 4.60 5.30
Children (7–17 years), pensioners and disabled people,
70+ passengers (9am-2pm) *)
1.30 1.40 2.10 2.30 2.70

*) People belonging to these groups can only buy season tickets and zone extension tickets with the HSL card.

The validity time of the zone extension ticket depends on the combination of season ticket + zone extension ticket: ABC, CD 90 minutes, BCD 100 minutes and ABCD 110 minutes. For example, if you have an AB season ticket and you buy a zone extension ticket for zone C, the extension ticket is valid for 90 minutes.

The tickets allow you to transfer between modes of transport within their validity. You can board a vehicle during the validity of the ticket and you can complete your journey even if the ticket expires during the journey.

Buying a zone extension ticket at a card reader

You can buy a zone extension ticket with your HSL card in the same way as a value ticket.

Lisävyöhykelipun ostaminen kortinlukijalla

  1. Select travel zone first. Select all the zones you travel through. In other words, include the zones covered by your season ticket.
  2. Pay your fare by showing your HSL card to the reader. The card reader will only charge the price of the zone extension ticket.
  3. The reader’s display shows which zone extension ticket you have purchased as well as the value balance and season ticket on your card.

Watch the video for how to buy a zone extension ticket

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