Changes to transport services on 12 August

Autumn timetables come into effect on Monday 12 August. There are also a number of changes, for example, to route numbers. Tram routes 3B and 3T are renumbered and there are changes to departure platforms at many Helsinki bus terminals.

Trams 3T & 3B renumbered 2 and 3

Tram route 3B is renumbered tram 3 and tram route 3T is renumbered tram 2. The routes of the tram services do not change. Due to the renovation of the tram stops in Hakaniemi, tram 3 is diverted to run via Hämeentie and Helsinginkatu until the end of September. The tram will resume its normal route on 1 October.Route map

Changes to bus routes in Helsinki

Route 04 is withdrawn. The operating hours of route 20N are extended until 4.30am on Friday and Saturday nights. These early morning weekend services only run from the city center to Lauttasaari. In addition, a new route 132NT starts to run via Lauttasaari to Friisilänaukio. The route operates on weekends also in the early morning and it replaces route 04N on Lauttasaarentie.
Route map 20N
Route map 132NT in Lauttasaari

Route 52A is withdrawn. A new route 552 starts to run from Malmi via Maunula and Munkkiniemi to Otaniemi.
Route map 552

The terminus of bus 52/V in Arabia is relocated in front of Arabiankatu 14. The direction of travel also changes so that the bus starts to run along Arabiankatu and Hämeentie in the direction of Munkkiniemi, and along Hämeentie, Muotoilijankatu and Arabiankatu when coming to the terminus in Arabia. The bus no longer serves the following stops: “Kaironkatu (3044)”, “Arabia (3042); and “Arabiankatu” (0335). The stops are replaced by stops “Arabianranta” (3490); “Arabia” (3043); and “Arabiankatu” (3492).
Route map 52V in Arabia

Bus 54 no longer runs via Malmi; instead, the bus runs directly along Ring Road I. Buses 519, 520 and 554/K run between Malmi and Itäkeskus. The new route 554/K replaces route 512K.
Route map 554 i

All services on route 55 run via Kumpulanmäki. The route is: Kustaa Vaasan tie–Pietari Kalmin katu–Gustaf Hällströmin katu–Väinö Auerin katu–Intiankatu. The route 55K is withdrawn.  The “Intiankatu (3077 and 3078) and  “Sumatrantie” (3030) bus stops are no longer served.
Route map 55 in Kumpula

Changes to bus stops and departure platforms in Helsinki

In the Kamppi street level terminal, bus 41 starts to leave from platform 71 and bus 45 from platform 72.

There are changes to the departure platforms at Elielinaukio.  In future, bus 40 leaves from platform 22, bus 43 from platform 23, bus 63 from platform 24 and bus 69 from platform 25.

A number of changes will take place at the Central Railway Station, too. Changes to departure platforms:

  • Bus 03N, the new departure platform is 2
  • Bus 55, the new departure platform is 6
  • Buses 68 and 74N, the new departure platform is 7
  • Buses 72 and 72N, the new departure platform is 17
  • Buses 73N and 76N, the new departure platform is 8
  • Buses 85N and 86N, the new departure platform is 11
  • Buses 92N, 94N, 95N and 97N, the new departure platform is 5

In Itäkeskus, bus 54 starts to leave from platform 2. Buses 519(A) and 520 start to leave from platform 4. Also the new bus 554(K) leaves from the same platform.

At the Malmi station, the new departure stop of bus 69 to Malmi and bus 78 to Vuosaari is 3261 (platform 17), while buses 73 and 73N start to leave from stop 3259 (platform 16). The platform numbers are introduced at the Malmi terminal during autumn 2013.

The Haapaniemi bus stop on Hämeentie for early morning buses 67N, 72N and 76N changes. In the direction of the city center, the buses start to stop at stop 2404 located some 150 meters ahead of the current stop. The buses will no longer serve the current Haapaniemi bus stop 2406.  In addition, bus 67N starts to stop at the stop 2431 in front of Pyöräilystadion (Velodrom) instead of stop 2429.

Changes in Espoo

Bus 5 is rerouted to run via Suurpelto and the new Ring Road II interchange.

Routes 35 and 43 are withdrawn and replaced by new routes 533 Vanhakartano–Järvenperä–Kauniainen–Mankkaa–Olari–Matinkylä, and 543 Leppävaara–Nihtisilta–Suurpelto–Olari–Puolarmetsä–Soukka–Kivenlahti. All services on route 51 start to run via Karakallio and route 51K is withdrawn.
Route map 51, 533, 543

Linjan 530 päätepysäkki Espoon keskuksessa siirtyy junaradan pohjoispuolelle Espoon asemalle ja linjan 86 päätepysäkki siirtyy Espoontorille.
Bus departure platforms in Espoo keskus

Changes in Vantaa

All services on route 35 run to Kaivoksela.  The route 35B to Myyrmäki station is withdrawn.

The route of regional bus 39 is shortened to terminate at the new Raappavuorentie turnaround in Myyrmäki. In addition to commuter trains, buses 35, 43, 51, 53 and 55 as well as regional buses 510 and 530 serve between Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso.
Route map 39 in Vantaa

Changes to regional bus routes

The departure platform of bus 107 in the Kamppi terminal changes. The new departure platform is 45.

Route 109N, Kamppi-Jorvi, starts to run through Suurpelto via the new Ring Road II interchange.

A new route 132NT runs via Lauttasaari, Westend, Haukilahti and Matinkylä to Friisilänaukio. The route operates late in the evening, on weekends also in the early morning.

Bus 270 starts to run along the route of bus 270A to Kuurinniitty.

A new night service 315N starts to run from the Vanhakartano terminus via Viiskorpi, Punametsä and Perusmäki to the Niipperi school.  Bus 324N starts to run in Niipperi along Juvankartanontie and Niipperintie (the basic route of bus 324).
Route map 315, 324

Route 512/A/K is withdrawn. A new bus 554/K starts to run from Itäkeskus via Malmi and Maunula to Leppävaara. Buses 510 and 550 continue to run between Leppävaara and Otaniemi. A new route 552 serves passengers traveling from Malmi and Maunula to Keilaniemi and Otaniemi.
Route map 552 and 554 i

Commuter train services

E train starts to run on Sundays with eight services back and forth between 11am and 9pm. 
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