Season ticket refund due to the stoppage by train drivers

Season ticket refund due to the stoppage

If you have an HSL season ticket loaded on your Travel Card valid during the stoppage on Friday 1 November, you may get refund on the ticket for one day. Refunds are considered on a case by case basis. Refund is possible if you have not been able to use public transport on your usual journeys during the stoppage. The refund will be granted as a season ticket or value loaded on the Travel Card on the basis of a claim for refund once the stoppage is over.

The claim for refund must be submitted within two months of the stoppage ending. You can print out the application form by using the link below, or you can get one from a Travel Card service point.

Refund application form



Some commuter train services running on Friday evening 1 Nov

Updated 1.11.2013

Helsinki region commuter train services have been disrupted on Friday 1 November due to a stoppage by train drivers. The impacts of the stoppage continue to be felt until midnight. During the evening, some train services will be running on the main line. HSL provides extra buses during the afternoon commuting peak.

Regional train (H 235, Z train) Helsinki-Kouvola at 4.41pm will run as usual. The train stops at Pasila, Tikkurila and Kerava. Approximately from 7.30pm, there are commuter trains running on the main line about twice an hour. T train running every 60 minutes (beginning from 7.31pm) stops at all stations. In addition, there are R and Z trains stopping at Pasila, Tikkurila and Kerava beginning from 9.19pm. 

Information about the train services running is available on VR's web pages.

On Friday 1 November, HSL's tickets are accepted also on long-distance trains within the HSL area. Normal commuter train service will resume only on Saturday 2 November.

Replacement buses

HSL provides extra bus services. However, the extra buses can replace only part of the missing trains. Commuter tickets and HSL’s tickets are exceptionally accepted on long-distance trains. You can search alternative transport links with the Journey Planner by unticking the box for train.

Extra services are provided on the following routes on Friday afternoon:

-To Kerava route 738X from Rautatientori platform 9

-To Korso route 731X from Rautatientori platform 10

-To Tikkurila route 699X from Rautatientori, platform 3, runs approximately every 10 minutes beginning from 2.40pm

-To Puistola route 75 from Rautatientori platform 5

-To Martinlaakso route 453X from Elielinaukio, platform 33  452x_453x.pdf

-To Myyrmäki route 452X from Elielinaukio, platform 32 452x_453x.pdf

-To Kannelmäki route 42 from Kamppi, platform 71

-To Pohjois-Haaga route 40 from Elielinaukio, platform 22

In Espoo, additional services are provided on routes:

-To Leppävaara route 205X from Elielinaukio, platform 21  

-To Kauniainen route 212X from Elielinaukio, platform 35

Because of the extra buses, some peak hour services on Helsinki and Vantaa internal as well as regional routes will not run.


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