HSL provides additional bus services on the last day of the school year 31 May

HSL provides additional bus services on the last day of the school year, 31 May.

In the morning, additional services are provided on routes 70, 70V and 71.

ROUTE 70: Rinnekoti 8.18am
Röylä / Rödskog 8.34am
Lahnus School 8.38am
Kalajärvi 8.45am
Rinnekoti 9.18am
Röylä / Rödskog 9.34am
Lahnus School 9.37am
Kalajärvi 9.43am

ROUTE 70: Kalajärvi 10.05am
Lahnus School 10.11am
Röylä / Rödskog 10.15am
Velskola 10.27am
Rinnekoti 10.36am
Kalajärvi 11.20am
Lahnus School 11.26am
Röylä / Rödskog 11.30am
Velskola 11.42am
Rinnekoti 11.51am

ROUTE 70V: Kalajärvi 8.50am
Rinnekoti 9.03am
Rinnekoti 10.45am
Kalajärvi 10.57am

ROUTE 71: Lepsämänjoki terminus 8.10am
Hännikäinen 8.18am
Lepsämänjoen th. 8.21am
Serena 8.26am
Odilampi 8.38am
Kalajärvi 8.43am
Lahnus School 8.50am
Röylä / Rödskog 8.54am
Lepsämänjoki terminus 9.10am
Hännikäinen 9.18am
Lepsämänjoen th. 9.21am
Serena 9.26am
Odilampi 9.38am
Kalajärvi 9.43am
Lahnus School 9.50am
Röylä / Rödskog 9.54am

ROUTE 71: Röylä / Rödskog 10.10am
Lahnus School 10.13am
Kalajärvi 10.20am
Odilampi 10.25am
Serena 10.36am
Lepsämänjoen th. 10.39am
Hännikäinen 10.42am
Lepsämänjoen päätepys. 10.50am
Röylä / Rödskog 11.20am
Lahnus School 11.23am
Kalajärvi 11.30am
Odilampi 11.35am
Serena 11.46am
Lepsämänjoen th. 11.49am
Hännikäinen 11.52am
Lepsämänjoki terminus 12.00noon

A Saturday service will operate as well as additional night bus services. For additional night bus services, see the attachment below.


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