M trains replaced by buses between Pohjois-Haaga and Vantaankoski 12–13 July and 19–20 July

There will be no train service between Pohjois-Haaga and Vantaankoski on two weekends in July due to track work on the Vantaankoski rail line. On Saturday and Sunday 12 – 13 July and 19 – 20 July, M trains will run between Helsinki and Pohjois-Haaga every 20 minutes instead of the usual every 15 minutes.

Replacement buses:

  • Route 499 Pohjois-Haaga station–Myyrmäki–Vantaankoski
  • Route 48 Pohjois-Haaga station (Kaupintie)–Kannelmäki
  • Route 49 Pohjois-Haaga station–Malminkartano

The buses will stop only at the stops close to train stations.

Travel times will be about 15 minutes longer than usual. The buses will meet trains arriving at the Pohjois-Haaga station.

All of the special timetables are available from the Journey Planner when you search for 12 – 13 July or 19 – 20 July.

There are also several other bus routes running along the rail line that can be used instead of the trains.  For example, buses 452 and 39 go from Myyrmäki to Helsinki, bus 453 from Martinlaakso to Helsinki.

Buses replacing M trains 12–13 July and 19–20 July

There are changes to the departure platforms of M trains. Please check the platform displays for platform information.

A trains will run every 20 minutes instead of the usual every 30 minutes 12 – 13 July and 19 – 20 July.

Special timetables of M trains12–13 July and 19–20 July

Special timetables of A trains 12–13 July and 19–20 July



On buses 499, 48 and 49, all HSL’s tickets are accepted as usual. Also VR’s tickets are accepted on the replacement buses. However, VR’s tickets are not sold on the buses. If you are traveling by train outside the HSL area, you will be able to buy a ticket only once onboard the train.

As the Kehruutie bus stop on Korutie will replace the northern entrance of the Malminkartano station, it will belong to the Helsinki fare zone although it is located in Vantaa.

On the buses, the space available for prams and pushchairs is limited.  Bicycles are not allowed on buses.


Route maps and timetables for the replacement buses

Routes of buses 499, 48 and 49 on map

Routes of buses 48 and 49 on map

Timetable, route 499 Pohjois-Haaga station–Myyrmäki–Vantaankoski

Timetable, route 48 Pohjois-Haaga station (Kaupintie)–Kannelmäki

Timetable, route 49 Pohjois-Haaga station–Malminkartano


Stops of the replacement buses in near railway stations



  • Bus 48 will serve between Kannelmäki and Pohjois-Haaga station. At the station passengers going to Helsinki can change to M train.Bus 42 goes to Kamppi and bus 43 to Elielinaukio. As there is no road access along the rail line, northbound journeys from Kannelmäki will be somewhat difficult. For example, passengers going to Myyrmäki need to change from bus 48 to bus 499 at the Pohjois-Haaga station. Alternatively, buses 452 and 453 run in the direction of Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso from Hämeenlinnanväylä.



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