Night Metro trial to end at the year end

The night Metro trial which begun in November 2013 is set to end at the beginning of next year. The night Metro passenger numbers have been clearly lower than passenger numbers at other times of the day. Consequently, the cost per journey at night time are several times higher compared to the cost of daytime journeys. The night Metro will run for the last time on the New Year night.

During the trial, the Metro has run until 1.30am on weekends. When the night Metro trial started, night bus services to East Helsinki were cut. There have been no feeder bus services from Metro stations during the night Metro operating hours.  

The average number of passengers on the night Metro services has been 3,200. The passenger numbers are clearly lower than at other times of the day. Up to 40 per cent of the journeys made on the night Metro services have been in the inner city, i.e. between Ruoholahti and Kalasatama. The night Metro services have decreased the use of night buses serving East Helsinki: their ridership has been on average 1,500 passengers lower than in the previous years.

The two extra hours of Metro service costs about €4,400 per night, taking into consideration the savings on night bus services. The per journey cost of night-time Metro journeys has been about €1.40; on all Metro services the per cost journey is €0.40. Night time journeys are thus clearly more costly than daytime journeys.

There have been more fare dodgers on the late night services than on the daytime services. The share of fare dodgers on the night metro is over five per cent when normally the share is under three per cent. Disturbances have also been slightly more common at night time than at other times of the day.

Night bus services to East Helsinki returned

When the night Metro trial ends, the number of services on the East Helsinki night bus routes will be returned to the same level as before the trial.  From the beginning of 2015, the services will run on Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday nights:

90N From Rautatientori at 0.20am, 0.50am and 1.20am, from Kallvikintie at 0.58am
92N From Rautatientori at 11.58pm, 0.38am and 1.18am
94N From Rautatientori at 0.22am and 1.02am, from Kontulankaari at 0.55am
95N From Rautatientori at 0.08am, 0.50am and 1.35am, from Mellunmäki at 0.08am and 0.53am
96N From Rautatientori at 0.10am, 0.40am and 1.10am
97N From Rautatientori at 11.52pm, 0.32am and 1.12am, from Kotikonnuntie 0.29am and 1.09am

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