Changes on Kirkkonummi bus routes 171, 172, 173, 174Z, 901 and 908 from 19 January

 The routes of buses 171, 172, 173 and 174Z   change in Ravals. The buses start to run along Överbyntie and Lindalintie instead of Ravalsintie. The routes of buses 172 and 173 change also in eastern Kirkkonummi.  Buses 172 and 173 run along Länsiväylä until the Sarvikinportti intersection from where they continue in the direction of Masala. The change facilitates commuting on routes 172 and 173 and improves the reliability of the services.

Bus 171 continues to run along Sarvvikin puistotie. A new Mon-Fri service is added on route 171 at 6am from Kirkkonummi to Kamppi as well as a new Mon-Fri service on route 174Z at 6.25am from Gesterby to Kamppi.

New timetables of buses 171 and 174Z 
New routes of buses 171, 172, 173 and 174Z in Ravals
New route of buses 172 and 173 in Sarvvik

Bus 908 skirts Gesterby on the east. The change improves connections to schools in the Gesterby area from Evitskog and Vols. The timetables do not change. The withdrawn route section of bus 908 is replaced by buses 171, 172, 173 and 174Z.
New route of bus 908

Departure times of bus 901 are changed to improve the reliability of the services. The first K service from Hirsala at 7am is transferred to the basic route. Those who need to be at the Gesterby school center by 8am change to bus 171A at the Sundetin puistotie bus stop at about 7.23am. Bus 171A waits for passengers transferring  from route 901 if need be. The 901K service from Hirsala leaves already at 8am so that the bus reaches the Luoma School by 9am.
New timetable of bus 901

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