Changes to public transport services in North Espoo from 10 August

The new Vantaa bus network will be lauched on 10 August and the changes will affect also bus routes running via Vantaa to Espoo.   

The most noticeable changes will take place in Kalajärvi, Niipperi and Juvanmalmi where bus route 324 will be replaced by route 436. Also the route of the bus service will change.  Route 436 will run via Vantaankoski, Martinlaakso and Louhela stations. In addition, the bus will run to and from Helsinki along Hämeenlinnanväylä instead of Vihdintie. Bus 436K will otherwise be using the same route but it will run via Juvanmalmi industrial area. Bus 436N will run via Myyrmäki station.

Linjan 436 reitti 10.8. alkaen

There will be no changes to bus 315 (Elielinaukio–Jupperi–Vanhakartano) but the route will be renumbered 321 from 10 August. Also the route of bus 321N will remaine the same as that of current bus 315N.

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