Late evening and early morning T trains not stopping between Tikkurila and Kerava 27-31 July and 3-4 August

T trains will not stop  between Tikkurila and Kerava Mon 27 – Fri 31 July 0.30am – 5.10am nor Mon 3 – Tue 4 August 0.30am – 5.10am.

The arrangement applies to the following trains: 0.44am and 1.44 T trains from Helsinki and 3.14am and 4.14am T trains from Riihimäki.

On Tuesday 4 August, the 3.14am T train from Riihimäki will not run but there will be a 3.29am train.

The arrangements are due to track work conducted between Rekola and Korso.

Hiekkaharju, Koivukylä, Rekola, Korso and Savio stations can be reached by bus 70X from Tikkurilan and Kerava.  The bus leaves from bay 15 at the Tikkurila bus terminal at 1.12am and 2.15am.  From Kerava, the bus leaves from bay 3 at Kerava station at 3.25am, 3.55am and 4.55am.

  Route of bus 70X



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