Malmi bus terminal closed due to bridge work

The Ylä-Malmi bus terminal will be closed from 2pm on 12 May due to bridge work. All bus routes serving the terminal will run past the terminal and stop at temporary bus stops located on Latokartanontie and Kirkonkyläntie. The terminal is expected to remain closed until early August.   

The Malmi station bus terminal will be closed from 2pm on Tuesday 12 May due to bridge work. The following bus stops at the station will be closed: H3260, H3258, H3256, H3257, H3255, H3259 and H3261. Bus routes running via the Malmi terminal will stop at replacement stops on Latokartanontie by Pekanraitti. The buses will stop also on the “Malmin tori” bus stops H3264 and H3263 on Kirkonkyläntie.  In addition, the taxi station will move to a temporary location on the Malmi overpass.

The arrangements apply to all bus routes running via the Malmi terminal in both directions. Replacement stops are located on Latokartanontie about 100 meters from the terminal.  The stops are marked with C, D, E and F letter codes.

Eastbound buses stop at stops C and D. Buses turning to Vilppulantie leave from stop C, while buses running directly along Latokartanontie sopt at stop D. Westbound buses stop at stops E and F.

Stop C (H3525) is served by routes 69, 76B, 77A, 577, 702 and 703.

Bus D (H3527) is served by routes 70, 70T, 73, 73N, 78, 519, 519A, 520, 554 and 554K.

Bus E (H3524) is served by routes 70, 70T, 73, 73N, 76A and 76N.

Stop F (H3526) is served by routes 69, 77A, 78, 519, 519A, 520, 554, 554K, 577, 702 and 703.

Pedestrian access from the train station to Latokartanontie and Kirkonkyläntie is along the edge of the bus terminal.

During the terminal closure, the Kirkonkyläntie bridge crossing the tracks is repaired and the terminal is refurbished to improve the operation of the terminal. In addition, new bus bays are constructed, for example for the trunk route 560 scheduled to start running in the autumn. Also the Malmin tori stop for westbound buses is refurbished.

The Malmi terminal, Malmi station overpass as well as Latokartanontie and Kirkonkyläntie between Torikatu and Pekanraitti will be improved in three phases, according to current estimated by the end of 2015. The first phase, during which the buses stop at the temporary bus stops, is expected to last until 9 August. In the second phase, the buses will return to the refurbished terminal and car and pedestrian traffic will move to the north side of the bridge. In the third phase, the northern lane on the bridge will be closed and traffic will be running on the south side of the bridge.

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