K trains run between Tikkurila and Kerava on Sunday 7 August

On Sunday 7 August, K trains will run only between Tikkurila and Kerava for most of the day. K trains from Helsinki to Kerava at 10.16am-9.31pm will not run between Helsinki and Tikkurila.

K trains will leave from Tikkurila to Kerava 5 minutes later than usual, i.e. the trains will run every 15 minutes 10.39am-9.54pm.

K trains from Kerava at 10.17am-9.32pm will only run until Tikkurila.

The trains will leave from track 5 both at Kerava and Tikkurila.

Other commuter trains (I, P, R and Z) will run between Helsinki and Tikkurila as usual.

Changes to train departure platforms at Pasila Sat 6 August 10pm–Mon 8 August 5am

R and Z trains to Helsinki will leave from track 5b. I, N and T trains in the direction of Tikkurila will leave from track 5.

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