Niemenmäki bus stop on Huopalahdentie closed from 13 September

The 1395 "Niemenmäki" bus stop on Huopalahdentie will be closed for about a month from Tuesday 13 September 10am. The stop is served by routes 14, 18, 35, 39/B/N and 552.

The closest stops are

  • On route 18, 1393 "Lokkalantie" on Huopalahdentie and 1430 "Naantalintie" on Ulvilantie
  • On route 35, 1458 "Rakuunantie" on Huopalahdentie and 1416 "Munkkivuori" on Raumantie
  • On other routes, 1393 "Lokkalantie" on Huopalahdentie and 1397 "Munkkivuori"

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