Changes to bus stops on Turuntiel in Leppävaara 5 June – 13 August

There will be changes to bus stops on Turuntie in Leppävaaras from Monday 5 June to 13 August. Bus stops are relocated due to street works. 

The "Leppävaara, Laituri 32" E1006 bus stop will be closed. The closest stop for route 510 will be "E1116" on the Ring Road I bridge.

The "Leppävaara, Laituri 31" E1010 bus stop will replace stop E1006. The stop is served by routes 217, 218, 231N and 235 in the direction of Helsinki.

 The "Leppävaara, Laituri 33" E1011 bus stop served by routes 217, 218 and 235 will be relocated to the west of Lintuvaara intersection.

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