Changes to the routes of buses 10, 16, 121A and 137 in Puolarmetsä and Kuitinmäki from 3 April

The Puolarmetsä Hospital will be demolished and the turnaround of buses 10 and 121A by the hospital will be closed. The terminus of bus 10 will move to Kuitinmäki and services on routes 121A and 121AT will switch to the shorter basic route 121 and 121T, Kamppi - Kuitinmäki. These routes will no longer serve Friisinkalliontie and Puolarintie between Kuunkatu and the Puolarmetsä Hospital.

As the number of services operated via Kuunkehrä will significantly increase, the "Kuunkehrä" bus stop E3265 will be set down only for buses to Kuitinmäki.

Passengers embark at the Kuunkatu bus stops.  Passengers can board bus 10 at the "Kuunsilta" bus stop E3263 and on buses 16 and 121 at the "Kuunsilta" bus stop E3264 Kuunsilta.

Neighborhood route 137 will run directly along Kuunkatu and not call at Kuunkehrä.

There will be minor changes to the timetables of buses 10 and 121. Bus 10 will leave from Kuitinmäki some 2 minutes later than is used to leave from Puolarmetsä. There will be no changes to the departure times from Otaniemi. The departure times of the services on routes 121A and 121AT that switch to the route 121 will be 3-4 minutes later than the departure times from Puolarmetsä. There will be no changes to the departure times from Kamppi. There will be no changes to the timetables of routes 16 and 137.

Timetable of route 10 from 3 April 2017

Timetable of route 121 from 3 April 2017

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