Leineläntie bus stop relocated to Leinelän puistotie

The "Leineläntie" bus stop (V7030) will be relocated to Leinelän puistotie from 24 May due to street works by Leineläntie 4, in Vantaa.


The works and the relocation affect the following routes:

  • Buses 574, 623 and 623B will serve the relocated stop V7030 on Leinelän puistotie
  • Bus 624 will not serve stop V7030, the closest stops will be V7033 and V7025
  • Bus 624N will leave from stop V7025 instead of stop V7030
  • Bus 625 will also leave from stop V7031 
  • Buses 736 and 736A will not serve stop V7030, the closest stops will be V7033 and V7022


The works are scheduled to be completed by 14 June when the stop will move back to its original location. 

Leinelä poikkeus




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