Major changes to bus departure bays at the Railway Square from Monday 14 August

There will be major changes to bus departure bays at the Railway Square (Rautatientori) from Monday 14 August. Some departure bays will be reopened and in addition, the departure bays of some routes will change. The changes are mainly due to the introduction of the new bus routes for North-East Helsinki as well as excavation works in the area. 

Changes from 14 August

  • Bays 4,5 and 8 are moved back to their original locations
  • Bus 17 will no longer serve the Railway Square stops due to route change
  • Bus 23N will leave from bay 15 in the direction of the West Terminal and from bay 16 in the direction of Ilmala
  • Bus 74N will leave from bay 16 by the Ateneum Art Museum
  • Bus 841N will leave from bay 8
  • Bays 1, 6 and 9 remain closed.

In addition, the route numbers of some bus routes serving North-East Helsinki will change and some new routes will start operating on 14 August.

Bus routes and departure bays at the Railway Square (Rautatientori) from 14 August

Bus routes operating from the Railway Square from 14 August.pdf

Rautatientorin laiturit 14.8


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