School bus routes and some U line buses switch to winter timetables on 10 August

Most of HSL area bus services will switch to winter timetables on 14 August, but some school bus routes and U line buses will switch to winter timetables already on 10 August. For example, Espoo internal route 16 will run on winter timetables on Thursday 10 August and Friday 11 August. On 11 August, Espoo internal route 245 will run on summer timetables but three services will exceptionally run via Muuralantie (K route). In addition, Espoo internal routes 348 and 349 as well as Helsinki internal route 91 will operate on winter timetables from 10 August.

See services operated on Thursday 10 August and Friday 11 August here:

School bus services in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa 10-11 August PDF


In Sipoo, on routes 982, 984, 985, 986, 987, 989, 992, 993, 994 and 996 services marked with a plus (+) will operate from Tuesday 15 August when the autumn school term begins in Sipoo and Pornainen. In other words, the services marked on timetables with a plus (+) will not operate on Monday 14 August, with the exception of route 989, which will operate from 10 August. The following servicew will operate: 8.15A from Monninkyläs, 15.35V from Monninkylä, 7.20A from Järvenpää, 14.20 from Keuda Vocational College  in Järvenpää and 16.35HJ from Järvenpää.


PDF icon Winter timetables for Sipoo.pdf


In addition, the U line buses operated by Nurmijärven Linja will switch to timetables on 10 August.

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