Bus 908/K rerouted in Veikkola

Update 23 April: Buses 908/K back to Päivärinteentie on Thursday 2 May.

Bus 908/K will not run via Peräläntie and Päivärinteentie from Monday 5 November 2018 to June 2019 due to bridge repair works on Turunväylä.

In the direction of Kirkkonummi, bus 908/K will be diverted to run along Lamminpääntie, Välipurontie, Lamminjärventie and Turuntie. The buses will serve all stops along the route.

In the direction of Kaislampi, bus 908/K will be diverted to run along Turuntie,  Lamminpääntie, Välipurontie, Lamminjärventie,  Turuntie and Lamminpääntie. The bus will run around Lake Lamminjärvi counter clockwise and serve all stops along the route.

The bus will serve the "Välipurontie", "Kulotie", "Vuoritie", "Palopolku" and "Puronsuuntie" bus stops in both directions. If need be, check the direction of travel from the driver.

Route in the direction of Kirkkonummi from 5 November 2018:

Route in the direction of Kaislampi (around Lake Lamminjärvi):

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