Buses 73 and 73N to resume their normal route in Tapaninkylä from Wednesday 31 October

Buses 73 and 73N will resume their normal route in Tapaninkylä from Wednesday 31 October. The buses will no longer run via Kirkonkyläntie and Vanha Tapanilantie, instead they will run via Laulurastaantie.

The buses will again serve the "Syystie" (H3207) and "Laulurastaantie" (H3320 and H3321) bus stops. The replacement stops "Syystie" (H3267 and H3268) on Kirkonkyläntie and "Kotikaivontie (H3322 and H3323) on Vanha Tapanilantie will no longer be served.

Laulurastaantie takaisin käyttöön 31.10.


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