Additional bus services to Hernesaari on Thursday evening 25 July

There will be additional bus services to Hernenaari on bus routes 14 (Hernesaaren laituri - Pajamäki) and 14X (Hernesaaren laituri - Kamppi) for concert goers on Thursday evening 25 July.

The following additional services will operate:

  • 14 Pajamäki – Hernesaari at 6.08pm
  • 14X Kamppi – Hernesaari at 6.18pm, 6.56pm, 7.16pm, 7.35pm
  • 14X Hernesaari – Kamppi at 6.34pm, 6.53pm, 7.13pm, 10.14pm, 10.31pm, 10.40pm, 10.57pm, 11.16pm

The metro will also operate about two hours later than usual running every five minutes between Itäkeskus adn Tapiola and every 10 minutes to Vuosaari, Mellunmäki and Matinkylä. The last metro services from Kamppi to Vuosaari and Matinkylä will depart at 1.27am and the last service to Mellumäki will depart at 1.32am.

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