Bus 903K diverted in Eestinkylä, Kirkkonummi 14-20 October

Bus 903K will be diverted in Eestinkylä, Kirkkonummi 14-20 October due to street work on Kabanovintie. Kabanovintie will be closed between Kopsumäentie and Pilvijärventie.
The bus will be diverted to run along Upinniementie, Sokeritehtaantie and Upinniementie to Eestinkyläntie, where it will join its normal route. The bus will not serve Kabanovintie and Upinniementie between Sokeritehtaantie and Kabanovintie.

The following stops will not be served:

  • Ki0709/Ki0711 "Knoppsintie"
  • Ki0710/Ki0712 "Kabanovintie"
  • Ki0715/Ki0717 "Kantvikintie"
  • Ki0721 "Sokeritehtaantie"
  • Ki0735/Ki0736/Ki0739 "Puoshaantie"
  • Ki0812/Ki0813 "Kärras"
  • Ki0814/Ki0815 "Mattbyntie"
  • Ki0834 "Piisamipolku"

Diversion route on map

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