Routes 785K, 787K, 788K/KV diverted in Kuninkaanmäki 26 August - 6 October

Bus routes 785K, 787K and 788K/KV will be diverted in Kuninkaanmäki 26 August-6 October. The buses will run along Laurintie and Lahdentie, i.e. Kuninkaanmäki will not be served. The buses will serve all stops along the diversion route.

The "Kuninkaanmäki" (V9745), "Mesitie" (V9714), "Lähdemäentie" (V9712, V9711) and "Katajamäentie" (V9737) stops will be closed. The "Mesitie" bus stop will be replaced by the "Nöje" bus stop (V9716) along  Laurintie and the "Kuninkaanmäki" (V9745) stop will be replaced by the "Kuninkaanmäki" stop (V9717). Routes 785K, 787K and 788K/KV will not serve the "Katajamäentie" (V9710) and "Lattamiehentie" (V9798 and V9799) stops, but routes 712 and 717/K will continue serving them.

The routes will be diverted because Vanha Porvoontie will be closed to traffic between Neidontie and Vahakuja for bridge repair work.

Linjat 785K, 787K, 788K/KV poikkeusreitillä Kuninkaanmäessä 26.8.-6.10.

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