Some trains not stopping at Ilmala 15-17 November and changes to departure platforms at Pasilassa on 18 November

Some trains will not stop at Ilmala fron Friday 15 November to Sunday 17 November due to construction work around Pasila station.

Changes to train services

  • Friday 15 November 11pm-11.40pm: A, L and I trains to Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala.
  • Saturday 16 November 6am-11.40pm: A and L trains to Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala.
  • Saturday 16 November 8am-11.40pm: I trains to Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala.
  • Sunday 17 November 6.30am-11.40pm: A and L trains to Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala
  • Sunday 17 November 10am-11.40pm: I trains to Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala.

Alternative transport links

Take 23, 23N or 59 from the "Ilmalanrinne" or "Ilmalantori" bus stop to Pasila station, where you can change to a train. 

To get from Ilmala to Pasila or Helsinki, first take a train to Huopalahti and change to a train going to Helsinki.

To get to Ilmala from Huopalahti, take a train to Pasila and change to a train going in the opposite direction.

At Pasila, platform 9 out of use from 18 November

At Pasila station, platform 9 will be closed from Monday 18 November 5am. A, L and I trains to Helsinki will depart from platform 10. Platform 9 will be closed until 14 April 2020.

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