Buses 207, 225K, 229 and 543 rerouted in Etelä-Leppävaara from 3 February

Buses 225K and 543 as well as neighborhood routes 207 and 229 will be rerouted in Etelä-Leppävaara from Monday 3 February due to the construction of Jokeri light rail line. There will also the changes to the timetables. The new routes and timetables are already available in the Journey Planner. 

Bus 543 will run along Linnoitustie, Säterinkatu, Ring Road I and Hevosenkenkä to Leppävaara bus terminal.
Minibus route 225K as well as neighborhood routes 207 and 229 will run via Zanseninkuja.

The "Sokerilinnantie" bus stops (E1111 and E1113) on Alberganesplanadi will no longer be served.

Bus 543 to Leppävaaran will serve the "Linnoitustie" (E1115), "Säteri" (E1162) and "Hevosenkenkä" (E1170) stops. In the other direction, the stop on Alberganesplanadi will be replaced by the "Linnoitustie" stop (E1128) on Säterinkatu.

Departure times of bus 543 and neighborhood route 207 will be brought forward because of the longer route. On neighborhood route 229, the estimated arrival times at stops will change but departure times from the termini will not change. The timetables for route 225K will not change.

New route of bus 543:

Kartta linjan 543 uudesta reitistä Kehä ykkösen kautta Etelä-Leppävaarassa

New routes of buses 207, 225K and 229:

Kartta linjojen 207 225K 229 uudesta reitistä Zanseninkujan kautta Etelä-Leppävaarassa

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