Buses replace cancelled K trains on the late night of 17 March

Three K trains are cancelled on the late night of Tuesday 17 March:

  • K train from Helsinki to Kerava at 0.21am
  • K train from Helsinki to Kerava at 0.51am 
  • K train from Kerava to Helsinki at 1.05am 

Replacement bus 699X will run via the intermediate stations. 

The buses depart:

  • from Tikkurila to Kerava at 0.40am from bay 15
  • from Tikkurila to Kerava at 1.10am from bay 15
  • from Kerava to Helsinki at 1.15am from bay 12. The bus runs to Elielinaukio via the intermediate stations. At Tikkurila station, the bus will depart from bay 7.

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