New tram network was launched in August 2017

NB! The new tram network was launched in August 2017, and this page is no longer updated.

Trams are one of the most prominent symbols of Helsinki and a significant part of the streetscape.

Moreover, trams are a key mode of transport for getting around the city. In the coming years and decades, central Helsinki will expand and trams will play a key role in transport in the new districts. The tram network will expand, causing changes to the existing route network. These changes started to affect passengers in August 2017 when the new Helsinki tram network was introduced.

The tram network has been designed to be simple and straightforward and to provide reliable and frequent service, allowing as many passengers as possible to get to their destinations as smoothly as possible. The idea is to ensure short, even headways on the most important sections of route with a combination of two trams. In 2017, tram routes 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9 were changed. The changes are explained in detail with the help of maps. You can also read about changes to take place in the coming years. In the 2020s, trams will go all the way to Hernesaari, Ilmala and Kalasatama.


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