Questions and answers

Who can buy an HSL Travel Card?

HSL Travel Cards can be purchased by purchased by anyone, but cheaper season tickets are only available on personal Travel Cards. Personal Travel Cards can be purchased by:

  • Permanent residents in the HSL area
  • Temporary residents in the HSL area who have file a temporary notice of removal to the local register office.

What happens to the current tickets?

Tuusula tickets and Tuusula-Järvenpää tickets will be replaced by HSL tickets from the beginning of 2018. Tickets bought at the end of 2017 will be valid until their expiry date, including VR’s tickets. Matkahuolto multi-journey tickets will be accepted on buses with Matkahuolto ticket validation machines. For example, HSL bus 962 does not have a Matkahuolto ticket validation device. The same applies to some other buses going to Kerava.

I have a season ticket from Tuusula to Helsinki. What is the corresponding HSL ticket?

Next year you will need a three-zone extended regional ticket for journeys between Tuusula and Helsinki.

If I only want to travel within Tuusula, do I buy an internal ticket?

Yes. In addition to Tuusula, internal tickets are valid in Kerava and Sipoo as well as in Järvenpää on those modes of transport that run part of the way in the HSL area.

When is it worth buying a season ticket rather loading value on Travel Card?

If you make at least three return journeys a week, it is worth buying a season ticket. Loading value is a good option for occasional journeys.

If I buy a Travel Card now, when can I buy a season ticket?

Season tickets can be loaded in Tuusula from 1 Janaury 2018. You can already load value on your card.

In Tuusula, you can top up your Travel Card at:

  • •• R-kiosk Hyrylä, Hyrylänkatu 6, 04300 Tuusula
  • • R-kiosk Hyrylä Bus Station, Koskenmäenpolku 1, 04300 Tuusula
  • • R-kiosk Jokela, Keskustie 9-13, 05400 Jokela
  • • Kellokoski Alepa, Vanha Valtatie 191, 04500 Kellokoski (the Travel Card sales point is scheduled to open on 28 December 2017)
  • Full-range ticket machine, Jokela railway station (scheduled to be in operation at the latest on 1 January 2018)
  • Tuusula service point, Hyrylä library, Autoasemankatu 2, 04300 Tuusula. The service point will open in early 2018, the exact date is not yet known.

Can I top up my Travel Card at VR’s ticket machines?

No, you cannot. From 1 January 2018, HSL Travel Cards cannot be topped up at VR’s ticket machines.

Can I pay for several people with one Travel Card?

Yes, you can. But if you have an adult Travel Card, you cannot pay child tickets with it.

How long is value loaded on a Travel Card valid? Can I withdraw the money from the card?

Value loaded on a Travel Card is valid as long as you have the card. If you move outside the HSL area, you can apply for the money to be paid into your account when you return the card to a service point. A service fee of €6 applies.

Who is entitled to a pensioner discount?

HSL does not have age-based discounts nor discounts for those in receipt of earnings-related pension. Discount is available for:

  • Those in receipt of a reduced national pension from Kela (The Finnish Social Insurance Institution) who do not receive guarantee pension. The discount is 25%.
  • Those in receipt of a full or reduced guarantee pension. The discount is 50%.

I live in two places, how is my domicile determined?

Your domicile is determined based on the place of domicile registered at the local register office. HSL’s customer register is updated with data from the population register five days a week.

Can I travel to Espoo with a two-zone extended regional ticket?

You must buy a ticket for the area in which you wish to travel. If you change vehicles in Helsinki, e.g. in Huopalahti, you need three-zone extended regional ticket.

Where can I buy a ticket with cash?

You can buy advance purchase single tickets with cash at R-kiosks and at stores selling HSL tickets. In addition, some ticket machines accept cash. For more information, see the sales point search.

Can I change vehicles as many times as I like with an HSL ticket?

If you have a season ticket, you can make as many transfer as you like. With a value ticket, you can change vehicles as many times as you like within the validity of the ticket.

Do I have to show my Travel Card each time I board a vehicle?

If you have a season ticket, you do not need to show it on trains, the Metro, trams or trunk bus routes 550 and 560 – unless asked by a ticket inspector.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of bus stops?

The municipality of Tuusula.

Which tickets are valid in Järvenpää?


You can travel to/from train stations in Järvenpää (Järvenpää, Ainola, Saunakallio, Haarajoki) with HSL’s or VR’s tickets.

You can use HSL’s and VR’s tickets on journeys within Järvenpää and journeys form Järvenpää to the HSL area (Jokela, Kerava and stations to the south of Kerava).


HSL’s tickets are accepted on buses running also in Tuusula (665, 667, 689, 765, 965, 967) or Sipoo (786, 986, 987, 989*). On these routes, you can also make journeys within Järvenpää using an HSL ticket. In addition, Järvenpää’s own public transport tickets are accepted on these routes on journeys within Järvenpää and Matkahuolto tickets can be used for journeys across municipal boundaries.

On Järvenpää internal routes 21-24 HSL’s tickets are not accepted. On route 25, HSL’s tickets are accepted as the bus runs from Järvenpää via Kellokoski to Hyökännummi.

*On route 989, HSL’s tickets are accepted only on services running via Sipoo, i.e. route versions 989, 989A and 989J. On routes 989V and 989HJ, HSL’s tickets are not accepted.

What is the age limit for child tickets?

On all HSL’s transport services, children aged 7-16 years can travel using child tickets. Children aged 0-6 years travel for free on commuter trains, buses, trams, the Metro and Suomenlinna ferry.

How much does it cost to travel with a pram?

People traveling with a small child aged 0-6 years in a pram or pushchair can travel for free on commuter trains, buses, trams, the Metro and Suomenlinna ferry.