Working at HSL

HSL moves us all

HSL’s customer promise – HSL moves us all – is part and parcel of the daily work of our staff. Most of our 360 employees work in positions providing a comprehensive overview of Helsinki region public transport and transport arrangements. The work carried out by our staff has a significant impact on the daily life of numerous passengers.

Our goal is that Helsinki region has the most efficient transport system and the most satisfied users of public transport in Europe. In the international BEST survey, Helsinki has been voted among the best public transport cities for several consecutive years.

Values in our daily work

Customer focus, cooperation, continuous development and environmental responsibility are valuable issues for HSL. Customers are the focus of our daily activities; we listen to them and receive feedback, we want have to open interaction with our customers and plan our services to meet their needs.

We cooperate, encourage open dialogue and trust each other - both in HSL and our partners outside. We appreciate good cooperation with our stakeholders.

Continuous development means looking forward and improving our professional skills in order to ensure service and expertise also in the future. We strive to identify the future needs of our customers and partners and actively follow the trends in the field of transport and utilize the latest information available without forgetting environmental responsibility. We encourage our employees to develop their skills.

According to feedback from our staff, people have good working relations with colleagues and feel that their skills reflect the requirements of their work. The staff appreciates that HSL takes environmental responsibility into account in its activities.