Helsinki Region Commuter Trains Tendering Project

Companies pre-qualified for the negotiations

HSL has now made a decision on the Candidates approved to participate in the modified negotiated procedure for the Helsinki region commuter train services tender. Suvi Rihtniemi, CEO of Helsinki Region Transport has decided on 30th August 2018 that the Applicants pre-qualified for the negotiations are:

  • Arriva Sverige AB
  • First Rail Holdings
  • The Go-Ahead Group plc
  • MTR Nordic AB
  • SJ AB
  • Transdev Sverige AB
  • VR-Yhtymä Oy

All Applicants fulfilled the PQQ minimum requirements and were consequently approved as Candidates to participate in the modified negotiation procedure. The process will continue with opening of the Data Room for the Candidates and bilateral meetings scheduled for October and early November. Another round of negotiations will be held in February-March before the planned release of ITT in May 2019. The project timetable still holds for deciding the tender in April 2020 and commencement of the new contract in June 2021.

Heavy rail forms the backbone of the public transport network. Development of rail services is the key to smooth and fast journeys over the expanding region, reduced emissions and improved energy efficiency.

The Helsinki region commuter trains have 60 million passengers annually on 7.3 million train-kms of service.

That is why Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) intends to tender the operating contract for commuter train services starting from 2021. Main goals for the tender are improving quality, reliability and cost efficiency of train services.


Contact persons for the project are Kimmo Sinisalo (, +358 9 4766 4248) and Eveliina Jäntti (, +358 40 8214711). Use project e-mail address to submit any information to HSL.

More information

For more information about train tendering in the HSL area, see the presentations held at the rail tendering info event in Helsinki on Wednesday 4 October 2017: