How the mobility budget works

From Commuter Benefit to HSL Business Travel

It is not possible to provide the same employee with both the HSL Commuter Benefit and HSL Business Travel in the first version of the product.

If a person who uses HSL Commuter Benefit (either auto-renewing subscription or flexible mobility budget) wants to start using HSL Business Travel, take the following steps: 

Discontinue the person’s commuter benefit by selecting the button End benefit. Do not edit the benefit or select a date for it. 

After this, send a new HSL Business Travel invitation to the employee. 

The employee can immediately start using the amount you have selected

Select the amount of budget you wish to issue to your employee. If you wish to change the default amount, choose “Other amount” and enter the amount manually. 

The employee can start using the amount straight away. You can also select a date when the employee can start using the amount, cf. the next point. 

Grant an amount for a fixed period

If you wish to grant an amount for a shorter period of time and/or select some other start date than the current one, take the following steps: 

  1. Check the box “Select the start and/or end date of the benefit”.
  2. Select the start and/or end date of the benefit in the calendar view. 

Resetting the amount

Any unused amount is reset automatically at the end of the year. You must then provide the employee with a new amount at the beginning of next year. 

Discuss company policy with the employee

Remember to have a discussion with the employee as to how HSL Business Travel can be used to purchase tickets. When buying a ticket on the HSL app, the employee writes a description of the journey in accordance with the instructions their employer has provided. 

You can later take a look at the beneficiary’s information to see how the employee has purchased tickets with HSL Business Travel. The list and report of purchases include the tickets your employee has purchased, the time of purchase and a description of the journey the employee has entered.