Hop on a scooter and off you go!

City scooters are piloted in Vuosaari this year. The season will start at the end of April and end on 31 October. There are some 300 scooters, of which half are regular kick scooters and half are electric scooters. There are 28 scooter stations around Vuosaari.

Download the app

Download Samocat’s application on your mobile phone and register as a scooter user.

The fee for a regular scooter is €0.50 (for the first five minutes) + €0.05/minute (for the following minutes).

The fee for an electric scooter is €1 (for the first five minutes) + €0.15/minute (for the following minutes).

Pick up a scooter

Check the stations and available scooters through the Samocat application or in the Journey Planner. (The stations are shown in the Journey Planner only when the scooter season is on.)

Scooters available for use are indicated with a green light at the station. Release the scooter by scanning the QR code. Fold the scooter open and off you go!

See the station map.


Regular scooters can be used on the sidewalk. Electric scooters may only be used on bicycle lanes or roadways. Please remain aware of other riders and pedestrians. Only one person may operate the scooter at a time. Return the scooter to any scooter station, either to an available rack or at the end of the racks using a cable lock if the station is full.

You can reserve a scooter through the application in advance. The charging period will begin 10 minutes after you have made your reservation. The reservation will be valid for an hour if you do not cancel it.

A fully charged electric scooter can travel up to 15 kilometers with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Terms of Use

Download the Samocat app  


HSL will conduct the scooter pilot with Samocat Sharing Oy. The pilot is part of HSL’s Idealab project, which focuses on new types of mobility services in the HSL area.

Samocat Customer Service + 358 9 315 74747 (during the scooter season)