Itemization of purchases on different invoices

When granting a benefit in the HSL Business Portal, you must also select the invoice on which you want to include the purchases of the person(s) in question.

You have three invoice options to choose from: 

  • An invoice that has the company’s name, in which case the reference is “Mobiililiput” (Mobile tickets).
  • An invoice titled “Työasiointimatkat” (Business travel), in which case the reference is “Työasiointimatkat” (Business travel).
  • An invoice titled “Työmatkaetu” (Commuter benefit), in which case the reference is “Työmatkaetu” (Commuter benefit).

If necessary, you can change the type of invoice in the beneficiary’s information. If you want to change the invoice of more than one beneficiary at one time, first select the beneficiaries on the list > Select “Edit beneficiaries” and then “Invoice” to change the invoice type.