Commuter benefits easily via our online service with no additional costs

With our online service for employers, you can easily issue and manage  commuter benefits.

How the online service works

  • You can issue HSL commuter benefits conveniently online.
  • You can easily manage your employees’ benefits whenever you want.
  • Your employees can activate the benefits right away using the HSL app.
  • You keep up to date with the number of season tickets and on whom benefits have been assigned.
  • We will invoice you for all season tickets monthly.

Season tickets are an easy and affordable way of supporting your employees’ daily commutes

Offer your employees an auto-renewing 30-day season ticket for public transport.
The ticket is generated automatically and covers the zones between the employee’s home and workplace. 

Prices of 30-day season tickets (incl. VAT (10%)

     2022     2023
AB / BC        65,30 €       70,60 €
CD     83,90 €       70,60 €
D   65,30 €     67,10 €
ABC / BCD     99,70 €       99,40 €
ABCD     142,70 €       109,70 €


Employer, do you want to hear more?

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Start using HSL Commuter Benefit

Employer, start using the HSL Commuter Benefit by registering online. You will get access to the service in a few days.

Instructions for HSL Commuter Benefit

Read the instructions for companies and employees here