Instructions for using the Commuter Benefits Service

By using our online service, you can independently manage commuter benefits. This page contains instructions for company admins and employees.

We will update the instructions and screenshots in English as soon as possible.

For company admins

As an HSL Commuter Benefits Service admin you can:

  • Invite employees to use the commuter benefit
  • Edit the validity period of a beneficiary’s commuter benefit
  • Edit the ticket zones of a beneficiary’s commuter benefit
  • Set a new start and/or end date for one or several commuter benefits
  • Add an invoice and an identifier for beneficiaries
  • Add new admins to the service, and
  • View purchase reports. 

For employees

The HSL Commuter Benefit is an auto-renewing 30-day season ticket. The employer provides the benefit to the employee, who must activate it on the HSL app. Once the employer has activated the benefit, the employee receives an invitation via email to start using the benefit. If you already have an auto-renewing saver subscription as a consumer customer, you can cancel your subscription after 360 days without a cancellation fee. 

Frequently asked questions

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