Flexibility through Mobility Budget!

The HSL Commuter Benefit is now also available as a flexible Mobility Budget. The Mobility Budget is a new payment method for purchasing tickets on the HSL app. As the employer, you choose the amount of the budget and your employee decides how to use it.

Mobility Budget is a flexible option

You can use the flexible Mobility Budget to purchase single, day and season tickets on the HSL app. It is a great option especially for those working hybrid!

You are invoiced once a month based on actual use, and there are no other costs.

How does it work?

  • First you need to register as a user in the HSL Commuter Benefits Service. After that, you can start using the service within a couple of days.
  • Select the amount of budget you wish to issue to your employee.
  • Send an invitation to the employee, after which they can immediately start using the Mobility Budget on their mobile phone.
  • The amount is valid until further notice. The employee can use the amount until the end of the current calendar year, after which it expires.
  • You are invoiced once a month based on actual use, and there are no other costs.

Mobility Budget offers many possibilities

As a commuter benefit

You can offer the Mobility Budget as a commuter benefit to your personnel. The commuter benefit is a completely tax-free fringe benefit for your employees (up to €3400 per year).

The Mobility Budget is suitable for different needs, because your employees can use it to buy the kind of ticket that suits them best: a single ticket for occasional trips, or a season ticket if they use public transport several times a week. However, the amount provided for the employee must cover the entire price of the product.

Employer, would you like to know more?

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