Transport links to Helsinki Airport

Transport links to Helsinki Airport

By train

I train (Helsinki-Tikkurila-Airport-Myyrmäki-Helsinki)
P train (Helsinki-Myyrmäki-Airport-Tikkurila-Helsinki

At the Helsinki Central Railway Station,  I trains mainly leave from tracks 1-3, and P trains from tracks 16-18.
Timetables for I trains
Timetables for P trains

By bus Bus 415 (Elielinaukio-Ylästö-Airport)
Bus 615 (Rautatientori-Kartanonkoski-Airport)
Bus 617 (Hakaniemi-Airport)

Timetables for bus 415
Timetables for bus 615
Timetables for bus 617
At night

Bus 615 (Rautatientori-Kartanonkoski-Airport)
Bus 415N (Elielinaukio-Myyrmäki-Airport)
Bus 562N (Mellunmäki-Tikkurila-Airport)

During daytime, bus 562 terminates in Aviapolis. Bus 562N runs until the airport.

Timetables for bus 615
Timetables for buses 415 and 415N
Timetables for buses 562 and 562N

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  • A regional ticket is required for journeys from Helsinki to the airport and vice versa.
  • HSL ticket machines at the airport are located at the baggage claim area, at the upper end of the escalators leading to the train station, and on the bus stops. 
  • You can also purchase your ticket in the ticket-sales department of the train or from the bus driver.
  • A night fare is charged 2am-4.30am.