Grab your skates and boards!

Spring brings out the bikes, roller skates, skateboards and
kickboards onto the streets – and onto public transport. Traveling
goes smoothly if you keep a few things in mind.

Always carry your skateboard under your arm and take off your
roller skates when boarding public transport. Use of roller skates,
skateboards, etc. is not allowed onboard.

“Sometimes someone manages to sneak onto a tram wearing
roller skates. Drivers do not allow this for the safety of
passengers, not to annoy,” says Eija Tuomonen, Traffic Supervisor
at HKL’s tram division.

The reason is obvious: if the tram has to stop suddenly, a
person trying balance on roller skates or a skateboard easily falls
over and may hurt themselves or other passengers. 

In addition, skates and other such equipment have to be kept
so that other passengers don’t accidentally trip over them, and
they should not cause inconvenience to other passengers. 

“The wheels of roller skates and skateboards are dirty, so
you must also take other passengers into consideration and take
care not to smudge their clothes," reminds Tuomonen. 

Taking your bike onboard

Pleasant weather encourages people to ride their bikes. If you
are riding a longer distance, you may choose to go part of the way
by public transport. 

Bicycles can be carried on the Metro, Suomenlinna ferry and
outside peak hours (Mon-Fri 7am-9am and 3pm-6pm) on commuter
trains. On ferries, bicycles are carried for an additional fee.
Bicycles are not allowed on buses and trams.

“The aisles and doors of metro trains are wider than those
of, for example, trams. Metro trains seldom have to stop suddenly
as they do not run among other traffic like trams and buses,”
explains Tuomonen. 

At stations, bikes must be walked, and skateboards and skates
carried. You are not allowed to ride an escalator with a bicycle,
use a lift instead.

When roller skating or riding your bike around the city, mind
the trams. “Trams have long braking distances, and if you are
riding too fast, you may make the drivers' hearts throb.”